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Freedom of speech? Whatev's

This is just ridiculous.  Who cares about the Constituion?  I guess it's more important to be sensitive.

Students Kicked off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tees

Even if they were doing it to be dicks (which I do believe was the intent), they still have the right.  Tinker v DesMoines resolved this issue 40 years ago.

Choreography Classes

Hey all.  Starting this Wednesday night, May 5th at 7:45, I will be teaching a new choreography at Alexia's Bellydance and Beyond in Lawrenceville.  It will be a sassy, fun, fusion piece with skirt work.  Skirts will not be required until the 3rd week of class.  Check the website for details, requirements, directions, etc.

Dear Project Runway,

UR doin it wrong.  Today is the Bryant Park show, and you have 11 contestants showing.  Really?  I know you didn't plan ahead like in past years and set up the schedule so that the season ends shortly after fashion week, and since season 1 you've had decoy collections because you're worried about spoiling who the final three are.  But what about spoiling the integrity of the competition?  8 decoys is just too many.  What's the benefit of making it to the finale if most of the other people who you've already beaten get to show their stuff too?  It should be a privilege; something special for the few who made it through the all grueling challenges and criticisms and survived.  Showing at Bryant Park should be the big time.  Now you're just cheapening it.

Reading the blogs and message boards, people seem to love Ping.  What I see is that her likability is due to the fact that she's living on her own planet and is super-creative.  But as a clothing designer, I just don't get it.  People talk about her edge and vision, and that she just needs to get the hang of translating it.  But to me, it's the emperor's new clothes.  I'll give her that she's a creative, forward-thinking artist, but not a fashion designer.  Design requires specific skills, not just talent and vision.  Unless you're trying to condemn someone, it should evoke something positive (not necessarily pretty - power, strength, satisfaction, intimidation even...).  All her garments seem to evoke is a big mess.

However, I was willing to give Ping another chance until I saw this.  Tim told her it was going to be too short, and the model even said, oh yeah, let's make sure my butt isn't hanging out.  If the seam only comes down from the waistline 4 inches, how in the hell is that going to cover anyone's ass that's older than 2?  I'll agree that Elizaveta isn't a great model, and it made sense for her to be the one eliminated, but to blame your craptastic failure clothes on her?  On the runway, she even defended you.  Even if you had that disaster on Iman it would have been awful.  Did you really not see the 14 other people you were locked in a room with for hours and hours using muslin?  Did you really believe that "industry party" meant "country farm potato party?"  Even so, did you really think someone would want to wear that to a country farm potato party?  Then you cry and feel sorry for yourself.  It makes me miss the days of Santino, where if he had made a pile of shit, at least he'd defend it with passion and vigor and take on the responsibility. 

Jan. 21st, 2010

Whee!  Project Runway went to Abma's Farm in Wyckoff today.  That's where we get our turkeys for Thanksgiving every year :)

Christmas Specials!

Hey gang. On Thursday morning ABC Family Channel is airing a whole bunch of the old-school Rankin/Bass Christmas shows, including some of my favorites, like The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (the one with the immortals),Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey and The Leprechaun's Christmas Gold.  If you've never seen them they're really fun and weird.  I know my DVR is set.


Baking Christmas - part II. I just had a cookie exchange with some of my coworkers. Now I have a giant tupperware full of various cookies, that I will be alone with in my office, all day. There are rum balls in there. I don't think they're going to make it home.

Since leaving Wedding Plans...

Wow, my friends page is so much cleaner without the wedding planning community cluttering it up. I don't even have to hit "previous 25" to see everything people posted since yesterday.

It Works!

I sent a wedding invitation to Mickey and Minnie at DisneyWorld and DisneyLand, and I got a response today!  It's a congratulations certificate from Cinderella and Prince Charming :)  I'd read about it before, but I never knew anybody who did it.  So cool.  I'll let you guys know if I get a response from the White House.

Here you go, Kristin

Not one feather, but a whole lot of WTF, especially with the shoes (though I do like the second to last one, with the riveted the heel).

Dollhouse Returns!

Hey all.  Don't know who's aware of this, because last I'd read it looked like Fox wasn't going to renew Dollhouse.  But last night I was watching this week's So You Think You Can Dance, and there was one commercial for it.  It's back on tonight at 9 on Fox.  I'm a little disappointed at the lack of advertising for this.  Also, Season 1 recently came out on DVD for those who need to catch up.


I start teaching tonight - Tribal Bellydance Basics, at Alexia's Bellydance and Beyond (fka, Drum & Dance Learning Center).  I'm really excited and looking forward to it, but mildly nervous, because I haven't taught dance in about 10 years.  But I'm pretty prepared and ready for surprises, which is really all I can do.  If anybody is interested, here's the details on the class:

Tribal Bellydance BasicsCollapse )

It's Back!

New season of Project Runway starts tomorrow night :)  10:00 on Lifetime (not Bravo).  And there's going to be a 2-hour all-star show on right before at 8pm.

Hooray.  Tim Gunn can once again be a voice regularly heard in our homes!

Been a while

Two weeks ago Miah and I moved into our new home.  It's taking a bit of time to get settled and caught up on things (like LJ, and I'm so never going to catch up on facebook), but I'm getting there.  Anyway, it's a cute, little house that we're pretty excited about.  Thank you so much to everyone who lent us a hand that day: Tim and Kathy (who get extra props for letting us use their home and grill for post-move deflation), Kathy, Andy, Kirsten, Kevin and Blake.  For those who couldn't stay the whole day, we totally owe you a dinner.  Miah finally got his grill, so once things are a little more in order, we'll have you all over for barbecue. :)