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So call me a geek, but I'm really excited about the finale of The Fashion Show.  Mostly though, because they filmed it at FIT.  It's so cool to see them all working like crazy, looking all haggard and hanging out on the tables where I was doing the same thing a few years ago :)



We found a place to rent!

so tired

Today I went to a conference in Philly for Wachovia/Wells Fargo customers.  It started at 7:30.  My company sprang for car service, but since the person who made the reservation had no idea how far Philly is from Princeton (or rather, how not-far), we had to meet at 6:15.  I got up around 5.  Usually I get up a little before 8 and get to work at 9ish.  5am and I typically have a great relationship - we leave each other the hell alone and are happy that way.  Ugh.  Other than tv that I'm DVR-ing anyway, I'm not sure why I'm still awake.

Oh, and I made a pizza for dinner and the friggin cheese dripped off the pizza stone to the bottom of the oven, burned and set off the smoke detector.  I knocked it down, took out the batteries and it didn't stop.  Eventually it did, but at the time, it was a total Phoebe moment.

On a much lighter note...

So, to lighten the mood (I know I could use it), today is National Donut Day.  Krispy Kreme is giving free donuts to every customer, and Dunkin Donuts is giving a free donut with any beverage purchase.  Donuts make life better.  I know where I'm going after work :)

My jaw dropped

These are from the crazy dude who makes the awesome steampunk masks:


I wanna smack somebody

I don't know who the author is, but somebody needs to find this guy and kick his ass.  It's just a fluff piece talking about music trends that are never coming back.    The only problem is, the majority of the trends he's talking about are revivals of old ones.  Friggin' moron.  And friggin' moron editor for giving it the go-ahead to publish on the website.  Wasn't there anybody who looked at this that could have said, "um, sorry, but you're wrong, dude." ?

I know it's completely meaningless in the grand scope of journalism, but it annoys the shit out of me when somebody presents something to the world on a grand regional or national scale without doing any research or putting any thought into it (looking at you, Preston & Steve), has an editor or production staff to review it, and then gets recognized for their bullshit work (in this case, getting paid for the article).

ETA:  Man, I'm not sure what's up with me today, but it's getting hard to see the ground from this horse I'm sitting on.

Oy, thanks Mr Governor

Arg, I need to get a copy of my birth certificate so I can get a passport and junk.  I was planning on going to the Dept of Health & Senior Services in Trenton tomorrow afternoon, since i have a half-day Friday.  But no.  State offices are closed due to a furlough day - which isn't going to save nearly as much money as we were told, and the biggest accomplishment is that it's going to annoy the crap out of people (mainly the employees, and residents potentially needing services, like me).  Now it will few weeks before I get an afternoon off again.  There's going to be another furlough day in June, and possibly one a month for the rest of the year.  Hopefully it won't be on the same day.  Grrr.  Good thing I listen to 101.5, otherwise I would have been clueless.

The Fashion Show

I totally forgot this was starting tonight.  It's Bravo's response to Project Runway flying off to Lifetime.  The buzz is pretty good.  They're not even hiding the fact that it's a total bite off of PR, but supposedly they tweaked it to fix a bunch of viewer complaints (like having a real runway, not just a dull strip of plywood in an empty room).


Now I gotta call home and ask Miah to set the DVR.
This genius post was found on tribe today:

I was watching Zoe's new DVD today and thought:

"Oh such pretty long hair.....I wonder if it ever gets caught in her armpits." When I had extensions (they were pretty long) I had that problem a lot. Its happening again since my hair is getting longer.

So am I the only one with this problem?

Busy Baking

I am making a crapload of treats for Easter.  Last night I made the cake portion of humming bird cupcakes.  They're banana/pineapple/pecan cake, and later I'll be making up cream cheese icing.  I'm also going to be making birds nests, which are made like rice krispie treats, except with chow mein noodles, and adding Cadbury Mini Eggs on top.  Also in the plan is to make some sugar cookies.  I haven't decided yet if I'm going to be using my recipe for Italian Tea Cookies, or if I'll just wuss out and use a Betty Crocker mix.  Anyway, it should be a busy day.


So I finally got an undistracted hour or so to work on my choreo for Saturday (I've been having an uber-difficult time focusing on it).  The plan was to log off the clock at work, then hang out in my office and work on dance until it was time to leave for class.  And of course now my ipod's out of juice.  I must have left it on when I got home last night.  Ugh.

Do Want!


It's written by (Dirty) Diana Eng from season 2 of Project Runway.  She also designed the button I use in my icon back when she was at RISD.

WTF Snow?

Let's be honest, if you're too lazy to spend the 30 seconds it takes to brush off your back windshield when there's only an inch or so of the lightest snow, then you truly are the scum of the earth.

Maybe I'm just cranky because it was over 80 degrees every day when I was in Florida last week, and my sunburn is peeling.

But no, seriously, scum of the earth.

Happy Spring and Free Ice-Day at Rita's!

Kitty-cat, I choose you!

Normally, domestic disputes are just sad, but given the details, this is hilarious.


EDIT: a better take on it, courtesy of Project Rungay of course: